Communication Skills

Course Outline

Course overview and duration

Effective and professional communication in business is crucial and can lead to the key to success or the road to failure, depending upon who is talking and how the message is delivered. This training may be delivered as a 1-day or 2-day course, depending upon the level of detail that is required to meet the desired learning objectives.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is designed for professionals who have to communicate either face-to-face or via the written word. It will help develop the skills and confidence of anyone who has to contribute in meetings, make presentations or speak in public. The Communication Skills course is suitable for all employees, team leaders and junior managers. It is particularly appropriate for anyone who has not  previously received formal training in communication, or who lacks confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

What you will learn:

  • What is effective communication and what methods should be used and when.
  • The barriers to communicating effectively and how to overcome these.
  • Perception and first impressions.
  • What is your current communication style? What may you need to flex and when?
  • The ‘3Vs’ of communication – exploring each aspect in detail.
  • The importance and impact of non-verbal communication.
  • Matching and mirroring to build and enhance rapport.
  • Different strokes for different folks.
  • Listening skills and the six levels of listening – when and how to use them.
  • Questioning skills to gain understanding.
  • Present your case clearly using the ‘3P’ model.
  • Being an effective team meeting member.
  • The basics of assertiveness.

All delegates will leave the training with a personalised action plan.