Talent Development

Training, learning and development are vital components for enabling people to grow their knowledge and skills. Training is essentially about successfully adapting to change…it’s a bridging process that provides individuals and teams with the attributes that are needed if an organisation is going to move forward and get results.

Continual change is the only guaranteed factor that organisations face.

All organisations – regardless of their size, sector or current success – must adapt to the constantly changing environment if they want to remain active and effective.

A fundamental component of this organisational flexibility is ensuring that people within the organisation are suitably trained and developed to help them adapt to the changes in their working environment.

This has to be achieved against an intricate backdrop of;

  • organisational task and objectives
  • external forces – such as political and social views, technological developments and economic uncertainties;
  • the internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are specific to the organisation; and the complex dynamics created by individuals working in teams.

Red Door Training offers a full spectrum of training, learning and developmental services that are relevant to a multitude of circumstances.

TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS – working with you to identify the skills and knowledge gaps that can exist at individual, departmental or organisational level. Once these are identified, we can then advise you on what training and performance measures need to be put in place in order to bridge the gap.

DEVELOPMENT PLANNING – in consultation with you, we’ll develop a plan to develop you and your workforce in ways that are realistic, achievable and measurable. This can be delivered at macro level for the whole organisation down to micro level for the individual person. Whichever level you opt for, the plan will be aligned to your corporate strategies and goals.

SPECIFIC TRAINING – we have the expertise to offer training at different levels of competency in a wide range of subjects. Popular topics include:

  • Change Management.
  • Leadership & Management Training.
  • Communicating Effectively.
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience.
  • Client Liaison.
  • Project Development & Management.
  • Effective Selling Skills.

CUSTOMISED COURSES – perhaps your organisation faces unusual challenges. If so, we can work with you to create bespoke training that will harmonise with the internal and external factors and the corporate aims that are unique to your organisation. Long or short term, high or low level, we can design and deliver customised development to satisfy your training needs.

TRAIN THE TRAINER – many individuals and organisations have a requirement to gain the competence and confidence to deliver professional training services themselves. At Red Door Training we have a long history of sharing our expertise and developing the skills that enable people to transform into highly professional trainers.