Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Course Outline

Course overview and duration

Managerial roles often include a significant element of financial management, which can be a source of stress for those who have not previously encountered the management of finances. This one-day course is designed to help demystify the world of financial budgeting and accounting and provide delegates with relevant skills and knowledge to manage departmental budgets effectively.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is particularly beneficial for recently-appointed managers or team leaders, whose new roles require them to manage financial processes with accuracy, efficiency, and confidence

What you will learn:

  •  Understand and utilise the basic principles and terminology of finance.
  • Be able to ask appropriate questions and understand the answers.
  • Achieve better communication and working relationships between finance and linemanagers.
  • Prepare a budget for income/expenditure and cashflow.
  • Effectively monitor and control a budget.
  • Explain the differences between income/expenditure, cash and capital budgets.
  • Understand the basic principles of successful budgeting.
  • Be better equipped to make confident and informed decisions.
  • Understand how to analyse budgets and suggest potential corrective action required.
  • Understand flexing and updating of budgets.
  • Be able to communicate budgetary information more effectively.

All delegates will leave the training with a personalised action plan.